Universal Nexus Linux Toolkit

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Universal Nexus Linux Toolkit is a bash script based program that offers an easy way to do all you need to do before flashing a custom ROM on your Nexus device.

List of Supported Devices

1. Nexus 4 [mako]
2. Nexus 10 [manta]
3. Nexus 7 (WiFi) [grouper]
4. Nexus 7 (GSM) [tilapia]
5. Galaxy Nexus (GSM) [maguro]
6. Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) [toro]
7. Galaxy Nexus (Sprint) [toroplus]
8. Nexus S (worldwide version, i9020t and i9023) [crespo]
9. Nexus S (850MHz version, i9020a) [crespo]
10. Nexus S (Korea version, m200) [crespo]
11. Nexus S 4G (d720) [crespo4g]


-- Unlock the bootloader.
-- Flash CWM recovery (Standard or Touch).
-- Root the phone.
-- Lock the bootloader.
-- Flash Google Factory Image. (Not available for Sprint Galaxy Nexus)

Download Universal Nexus Linux Toolkit

You can download Universal Nexus Linux Toolkit from here

Running the .sh file

Please extract the .tgz in the place you want, for example in /home/user

Open a terminal and type the following:

user@linux: cd "THE PATH WHERE IS THE unltlauncher.sh FILE"

user@linux: bash ./unltlauncher.sh

If you extract it in /home/user/unlt, the path to the .sh must be /home/user/unlt

so you have to type:

user@linux: cd /home/user/unlt

user@linux: bash ./unltlauncher.sh




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