What is new in Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) Server

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Ubuntu 13.04 server released and the following important changes on new version

OpenStack Grizzly

Ubuntu 13.04 includes the Grizzly release of Openstack. OpenStack projects supported in 13.04 include: Nova, Glance, Swift, Keystone, Horizon, Cinder and Quantum. Ceilometer is also included in 13.04 in Ubuntu Universe.

Openstack Grizzly is also available for Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS in the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.

OpenStack continues to be deployable using Juju Charms; for the Grizzly release this also includes deploying OpenStack in a highly avaliable configuration as demonstrated at the OpenStack Summit in Portland.


Ubuntu 13.04 includes the 0.7 release of Python Juju (‘juju' package).

The initial release (1.10.0) of the Go rewrite of Juju (‘juju-core' package) is available in the -backports repository, this package is co-installable with the 0.7 version.

You can revert to the default (0.7) version by using the following:

$ sudo update-alternatives --set juju /usr/lib/juju-0.7/bin/juju

or to the new 1.10.0 release using:

$ sudo update-alternatives --set juju /usr/lib/juju-1.10.0/bin/juju

Please note that the 1.10.0 (Go version) release is not yet end-user feature complete compared to 0.7 -- for example, the LXC local provider is not yet implemented in 1.10.0; if you install both you will get 0.7 by default.


Ubuntu 13.04 includes the latest MAAS release (1.3). This new upstream release includes various bug fixes and improvements in comparison to older MAAS releases. New features include:

Customizable kernel command lines for each node via tags.
Installation path for Image Based Installations.
Improved IPMI detection, with support most recent iLO versions.
Support for Multiple Juju Environments (one per MAAS user).

Simple Streams

There is now machine formated JSON data describing all downloadable content for Ubuntu cloud images. The data format is called "simple streams", and can be found at http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/released/streams/ . There is a sample client included in Ubuntu in the ‘simplestreams' package. The client can be used to keep cloud or local downloads in sync with what is available from Ubuntu.

Ceph 0.56.4

Ubuntu 13.04 includes the latest Ceph Bobtail LTS release (0.56.4). OpenStack Keystone integration has been implemented in the RADOS Gateway for this release, providing a drop-in replacement for Swift.

Ceph continues to be deployable using Juju Charms; notable changes include:

Underlying default disk format for OSD's is now XFS; this can be changed using a configuration option in the ceph and ceph-osd charms.
ceph-radosgw charm now supports the keystone integration implemented in bobtail.

MongoDB 2.2.4

Ubuntu 13.04 includes MongoDB 2.2.4; for this release SSL support has been enabled to support secured use of MongoDB (primarily to support Juju 2.0). The ARM support has also been improved during the 13.04 development cycle.

This release of MongoDB will also be provided as an official backport for 12.04 and 12.10.

OpenvSwitch 1.9.0

Ubuntu 13.04 includes the latest stable release of OpenvSwitch 1.9.0, featuring full upstream support for Linux 3.8. As of this release, the bridge compatibility module is officially deprecated -- users should start planning to migrate away from this feature.

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