Win7 Transformation Pack for Ubuntu

This is Win7 Transformation pack for ubuntu

This Package contains:

GDM theme*
Icons Theme*
GTK Theme
Gnomenu theme*
Panel Backgrounds*
Cursor theme

Download  Win7 Transformation Pack for Ubuntu from here

About the sounds, they can't be installed, just you can replace the ubuntu original sounds or configure you preferences souns at

System / Preferences /Sounds or copying at /usr/share/sounds (accessing as root) and save the folder there or replace the original sounds. (because of they have the same name).




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41 thoughts on “Win7 Transformation Pack for Ubuntu

  1. I am amazed that there are Ubuntu users that actually WANT their system to look like Windows. I left Windows 4 years ago, and never look back. All the articles about Windoze 7 being the ‘make or break’ of MS. I am quite sure that MS will ‘make’ it, but maybe all of this will have them realize that being a friend to their users might be helpful. In any case.
    much ado about nothing, it seems, maybe this theme can be traced to a MS employee maybe?

  2. i completely agree with bart. why? when people leave windows for good, then why the “face value” of windows is being brought back to ubuntu by theme designers? i think gnome is a lot better than win7 GUIs. i never expected this kind of post on this blog.

  3. Why, why, why? I really do not understand why this is needed. Why would anyone using Linux want to make it look like Windows? As a matter of fact I do not understand the MAC themes either. Can’t there be something original, something that is specially Linux looking instead of WIN/MAC wannabe. Why do we always have to copy them?

  4. Vevmesteren is amazed that Ubuntu users would WANT their systems to look like Windows. I agree, but I guess there are some poor unfortunates who just want their boss to THINK they are still using Windows. This looks like a winner for them.

  5. people love to whine, I like the window decoration of win7 so I’m glad I’ll be able to have them in gnome.

  6. I think this is lame. Why after the decision that you will NOT use Windows, proven by the fact you installed Linux, you will want to make your Linux to looks like Windows? It’s lame for me.

  7. I agree with Bart Burroughs. KDE 4.3 now gives the linux desktop its own unique identity. In fact, reviews online are already saying Win 7 looks a lot like KDE4!
    Why would I want to go back to Windows 7 look? Is it that GNOME is not cool looking by itself? Then, get KDE frankly and ditch faux windows look and feel forever 🙂

  8. Seriously, guys, why? why everything on (gnome|kde|ubuntu)-look divides on two categories: fast-maded shit and windoze xp/vista/seven transformations? Why can’t you create amazing themes with transparency instead of violating artwork copyrights?

    btw, windoze flag is a copyright, you can’t use it in ubuntu without Micro$soft’s permission.

  9. I only see 2 reasons why anyone would want to make their gnome look like Windows 7…. 1) you really like windows 7 better but don’t want to pay for it or can’t afford it. answer: get a part time job and buy it. 2) you want to show your windows using friends that linux is just as cool as windows 7. answer: real linux users know that linux is better, that’s why we use it.. be proud damn it.

  10. Agree with others above. Why do we need this? Why don’t people *spend* their time improving gnome (or KDE) themes instead of wasting ther time doing this. BTW I liked the transparency – something we don’t see in GNOME w/o Compiz running. So, the very obvious question is: why not spending time creating/improving GNOME themes?

  11. Gents, I understand your opinions but consider there are computer owners who do not use their computers, if you know what I mean. They like linux, don’t want to pay licenses to M$ but USERS of their computers are used to it.

    THAT is why it is sometimes needed for linux to look like Windows.

  12. Come on, we have gnome, we have kde, we have many other DEs. why would someone want to mimic Windows desktop on Linux? Frankly, I’m getting tired of people who use Linux always with an eye turned to how Windows do things.

  13. This could be useful for test purposes. Letting someone who hates linux use it and then ask “this new Win 7.. Is really awesome, isn’t it?” – well, of course they could say that since this is Win7 Gui Windows, no Linux, is proven to be good, but since all tools and apps will have gnome “dynamics” I believe this could be a good test to jailbreak a few minds..

  14. Peterson, if I buy a BMW I don’t feel it necessary to spend my time making it look like a Toyota so that my Japaneese friends will want to drive it…. they can buy what they want, I don’t feel the need to “trick” my friends into trying Linux. If they use my machine, they use Linux and for most of them they don’t even really know a difference except they think it looks cool and sometimes ask if its a MAC. Be a proud GNOME or KDE user with no appologies and no deception.

  15. C’mon! Nobody forces you to use this. It’s nice to have the choice. It demonstrates how flexible Linux GUI’s are and that the Win7 Look, which is the only big difference to Vista, is not such a big thing as MS wants us to believe. There are a lot of ppl out there who like this kind of style. So it’s good to have the possibility. Win for all. Nice work.

  16. Chris, not dissing this blogger’s creative juices and if he wants to do this that is fine. but it’s a blog, and comment is expected. And a lot of us that use Linux don’t feel we “need” to try to emulate Windows because we don’t feel inferior and when someone goes to so much trouble to try and make a perfectly good desktop manager look like, in our opinions, an inferior one. comment is not only expected but required. You will never convert anyone to using Linux if you are trying to make it look and act like Windows 7, you will only convince them to upgrade from XP to Windows 7. So I will come back to my first question…. Why?

  17. Bart, I understand your point here. And your point of view. But 1) Emulating/Simulating/Faking other OSes was always part of the Linux culture and will always be. Just because it’s fun to do for some of us. Thats part of the freedom we like so much. We don’t say it is better than any other theme. There are even themes to look like the worst GUIs of the worst OSes 😉 … 2) Not all of us try to convert people to Linux. And answering your question ‘Why?’…because we can. And we love to do it.

  18. Bart, I am a proud Gnome user (although I’m always in doubt if I’ll use KDE next time a Ubuntu version come around) and I’d never trade my gnome-do and etc for this kind of visual. What I meant was the joke-ish properties of this kind of theme 😉 and, through the joke, a way of making the argument that Linux is unusable and non-friendly invalid.

  19. In every release I noticed that most of users (specially the ones that just discovered GNU/Linux), they always try to find a new Look (theme)!!!! KDE, Gnome and many others are Desktop Environments, they have nothing to do with Linux, you can have the same Theme (KDE, gnome, xxxxx) with BSD, Solaris, bla bla bla …. The most important thing in those Opensource projects is to give the Best Of Software As Possible, that include the look. Freedom With Free Software.

  20. All the points about freedom and doing what you want with Linux, and having fun making it look like another os are all valid. I am all for freedom and if you want your Linux to look like an Amiga or Mac or Windows 7 you have that right. But for a lot of people that support Linux trying to convince people that Linux is worthy because it looks a certain way rings hollow. I have converted 6 friends from Windows to Linux because they were tired of all the viruses they were getting and how slow their machines had become. I set all of them up on Gnome as the WM and sold linux as better BECAUSE it was different. Once I showed them how to do a few things they took off without looking back, and these were not computer savvy people. Choice is always good for the most part. I just question working so hard (even using M$ own logos and backgrounds) to try to hide whats underneath. Just my opinion.

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