Ylmf OS – Ubuntu-based Linux distro identical in look and feel to Windows XP

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An Ubuntu-based Linux distro identical in look and feel to Microsoft's Windows XP's been updated.

Ylmf OS 3.0 has been released from a Chinese software maker with the familiar Luna theme found in Microsoft's Windows 7 and Windows Vista predecessor.

YLMF open source operating system (Ylmf OS) English Edition is released!The interface operation is clean and clear.The adjustment and creation is based on the user's experience and usage.We firmly believe that Linux can do as well as Windows through our efforts and give customers more choices.

System Requirements:

Bare Minimum

300 MHz x86 processor,128 MB RAM
At least 4 GB of disk space
VGA graphics card capable of 640×480 resolution


700 MHz x86 processor
8 GB of disk space,512 MB RAM or bigger
Graphics card capable of 1024×768 resolution or higher

Ylmf OS Features

You can check full list of features from here

Download Ylmf OS

Download Ylmf OS from here


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29 Responses

  1. Troy says:

    Wow, so I take it their outta some country that Microsoft can’t sue them in? Cause seriously, microsoft likes to sue, and they would actually have a valid case for once….

  2. tenzu says:

    YLMF sucks. All Chinese linux users know.

  3. ERMasd says:

    its shame to look like xo

  4. ERMasd says:

    *like xp or any microsoft product

  5. Victor says:

    Nothing wrong with what Microsoft’s products look like nowadays. Quite attractive operating system. Just not as usable to me as Linux. 😀

  6. 5oak says:

    Quote: Nothing wrong with what Microsoft’s products look like nowadays. Quite attractive operating system.

    I totally agree. Win 7 looks much better than any linux distro I’ve come across…

    Back to topic, does this really suck? I want to install it on my brother’s laptop…

  7. Gregor says:

    Why would I like to have a Linux OS that looks like a 12 Years old Windows XP?

  8. mBobEpine says:

    This is realy ugly! It’s the worst less intelligent theme that I have seen in my life.

  9. Pablo says:

    All I have to say (ask) is: Why?

  10. BobSongs says:

    Why? Easy.

    Vista and Win7 may look nice. But many users on older PCs are still clinging to XP (512Mb RAM will support XP, will NOT support Vista/7).

    A dual-boot with a WinXP-looking Linux will go a long way to dispel this lingering notion: “Linux? It’s impossible to use! It’s a system for uber-geeks. Stay away from it!”

    Think this notion doesn’t exist? I recently put Karmic on a neighbour’s Win7 PC. When her brother-in-law, a University professor heard of this, he warned her of Linux’s unusable interface (probably based on pre-1995 GUI).

    Today? My neighbour’s using Ubuntu steadily and happily. I’ve done several dual-boots lately on friends’ machines. No unsatisfied customers.

    Conclusion: Those who fear Linux because they fear change may appreciate this distribution more than they would Gentoo, yes? Besides, my first worry about a distro is support (repositories? Is it pure Ubuntu with a new skin?) far more than what it looks like.

  11. Gregor says:

    Just look at Gnome in combination with http://www.bisigi-project.org it just looks amazing. When user do not want to use Linux because they think is is to difficult that is one thing but change Gnome or KDE to an kind of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 is just so wrong. Not sure why there is always someone who want to change Linux in Windows.

  12. mBobEpine says:

    Put windows theme on linux is wrong. Why? Because, if you put windows theme, this will not change linux. Exemples:
    Linux doesn’t have C: D:. The end user have to know that.
    Linux doesn’t have Office. There is a equivalent but it’s not Ms Office. The end user have to understand that.
    Else, they will be confused. They will try to install printer drivers with a Windows drivers cdrom and they will not understand.

  13. BobSongs says:

    No one’s saying that changing the Linux theme will change Linux to be exactly like Windows. There’s no need for panic or emotion.

    Linux prides itself on its flexibility. If a user wants it to look like dirt? That’s fine. Like Vista? That’s fine. Like Mac O/S? That’s fine.

    Let’s not panic. Basic users want to have some level of familiarity. If they find C:\> is replaced with /, then that’s what they’ll have to live with. It’s not a huuuge leap.


  14. Saprissa says:

    I think this is counterproductive actually.

    I understand the argument about making new users comfortable with a familiar environment, but those users for whom the look and feel of a computer are an impediment to effectively using it are probably not particularly adept at using Windows XP either.

    The look and feel of XP could actually be the cause of the problems users have at achieving proficiency. So you end up chasing your tail.

    Lexus or Mercedes don’t imitate the look and feel of a Corolla just because it’s the world’s best-selling car.

    People are smarter than that.

  15. Gregor says:

    I was not really clear in what I actually meant to say, it will of course not change the machine under the frame but I just think it is a pity to me changing Gnome or KDE to look like Windows. To be honest I could see a plus if you want to migrate company user but on a other hand there might be the problem that user expect e.g. Microsoft Word behind a Word icon isn’t it? In my opinion has every OS his place and it should stay like that. I am personally a Gnome fan and use Linux for quite a long time that is might be the reason I am shocked to see this theme but I agree that in the end it is everyone’s own decision. I am anyway happy to see more and more people using Linux and it should of course be flexible.

  16. banana says:

    YLMF OS has a really bad reputation in Chinese linux users

  17. BobSongs says:

    (Banana: I’m not supporting YLMF though. Ubuntu Geek is merely offering the link as a service.)

    On Topic:
    Don’t get me wrong. This’ll be my last post flogging this idea.

    1. Linux has true flexibility. A user is able to, with either persistent tinkering or by a simple install, customize their interface to their own liking.

    2. I’m not suggesting Microsoft has any idea how to put a GUI together. Stolen Apple ideas modified to avoid lawsuits means a poor HIG.

    3. Some users have *no* time for their PCs. They *don’t* want to get better at it. They *don’t* want to change, and they don’t want their GUI to change, even if switching to Linux. How do I know?

    4. I repair PCs for a living (among other things). Joe Sixpack is not as easy to educate as Gary Geek. “Make it work or I don’t pay ya!” is the most mental effort some customers make. And moving away from a Windows GUI is simply not an option.

    I’m not talking about hiding OpenOffice.org Writer behind a Word icon (thought that might help some users) or changing user@ubuntu:~$ to C:/>. I’m merely suggesting that an Ubuntu-based distro that has a stronger Windows “look” is not a bad thing.

  18. David Tombs says:

    Why is this a separate distro instead of a theme? I can’t imagine that YLMF can keep up with the maintenance required for a new distro for something as low-demand as this. Even Xubuntu has a hard time maintaining itself, and I’d imagine many more people are interested in that.

  19. Alexis Beltran says:

    Zorin 3.0 is way better than this distro…way better.

  20. BobSongs says:

    @David Tombs

    Wow, good point. I would completely agree. It also depends on how much YLMF has forked from Ubuntu. (Does it use the same repositories? If it has a bad reputation among the Chinese – as Banana says – then, yeah! how *do* they maintain it?)

    *shrugs* If their reputation sucks and their support is low, the whole argument about the Windows theme on top of Linux is a moot point then.


  21. Daniel says:

    Is the open source/linux comuity realy this slow and inbred, I thougt open sourced comunity did stand for varity and the posibility to bug fix fore youre self and change youre os/app to lok like what you want it to lok like,

    but when some one do a realy gret jobb and makes an os design clone of windows xp many screams it´s not rigth, its wrong bad uggly ,

    I any way cant stand for this kind of mantality,
    way focus youre energy on its bad becouse it locks like MS, fouse on whats god insted,

    btw i’m a citizen of EU the gretest economic and military power of erth to day, and my native language is not englis, so I apoligize for may manny spelling mistakes,,

  22. bmm says:

    It is a great linux os, that can take the place of goverment organization computer to look like xp to stop confusion. It was brought up in class at universties, it works just like xp, with some bugy exe install things( Wine Crap- done exe!) It is a great theme that captures the windows xp look, and is a linux ubuntu like install distro… Recmoend A+

  23. ubuntu says:

    I love Ylmf OS . It’s faster than ubuntu 10.04 and it comes with all necessary plugins pre installed which saves a lot of my time. Now I can give more time to my work other than repairing pc and installing basic utilities.

  24. Richard Luke says:

    BobSongs says “stolen Apple ideas”. The Apple GUI is not original. It is a “stolen Xerox” idea (Xerox PARC?). When Apple tried to sue Microsoft over the GUI, it all came crashing down on Apple’s ears. The same applies, I believe, to Unix. I once read that “if you don’t understand what the word ‘patronizing’ means, ask a Unix user.”

    It’s always a good idea to do your homework before making defamatory statements.

  25. Thomas Woodington says:

    I have been using Ylmf 3.0 for a bit now and it is a good clean OS. Don’t be a hater just because they want it to feel like windows. I have used fedora for years and have been using computers since I was a kid and personally I do not like any Microsoft past Win 95. It has not had any problems and runs smooth on this crappy old hp I have (hp pavilion ze5185). I got it for free and this OS brought it back to life. Mint and Xubuntu are just as good but I can hand this laptop off to some of my less computer friendly friends and they don’t get all frazzled. I keep Mint on my desktop and am quite pleased with this OS for some fun. I actually came suprisingly well packed with good software as well.

  26. mitcoes says:

    Is it prepared a ubuntu 12 Precise Pangolin based version with Mate?

  27. Todd H. says:

    No joke. This distro (if you are looney enough to download a distro that the Chinese government had its hands on) is lame.

    It does a poor job of mimicking the Win GUI and as soon as you click any menu, it becomes obvious that you are not using Win.

    I’ll ask the question everyone else is: “Why?”

  28. will says:

    I can’t understand the hate for YLMF either. Personally, I think it’s a bit ‘mehhh’ and there are better distros.

    But as you said, it comes prepackaged and easy to set up. It is stable and works with older hardware.

    I work as an IT technician and use this on some clients computers. XP was around for a long time and some older people, want to keep a familiar interface but are fed up with the viruses and headaches of windows.

    I have installed and customised YLMF and sat the user down in front of it and they thought it was still XP. They have been happily plodding along with it, able to find their way around like in XP but without the difficulties of windows.

    As for people commenting on win7, eughhhh! Vixta was a far cleaner look than win7. Peppermint even looks better than win7, best of all it is LXDE so it blazes along.

  29. Charlotte says:

    Does anyone else not really get it’s probably supposed to look like Windows so they can put it in knockoff hardware and market it? No one’s going to want to buy a Dall UPZ if it doesn’t have a Wonders ZP look.

    Linux was simply the most avalible resource to them so they used it. They probably didn’t even plan on updating it or take care of it, and by the looks of it the page redirects to a 404 page over here in 2013, so I imagine I was right.

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