4G8 – Packet Sniffer Over Switched Network

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4G8 (Forge Gate) allows you to capture traffic from a third party in a switched environment at the expense of a slight increase in latency to that third party host. Utilizing ARP cache poisoning, packet capture and packet reconstruction techniques, 4G8 works with nearly all TCP, ICMP and UDP IPv4 traffic flows.

To run 4G8 you need to obtain the IP and MAC of the gateway, as well as the IP and MAC address of the target, both available by simply looking at the ARP table.

Install 4g8 on ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo apt-get install 4g8

Using 4g8


4g8 -i [device] -g [gw_ip] -G [gw_mac] -s [host_ip] -S [host_mac] [-w file] [-Xh]

Available options

-g gw_ip -- IP address of gateway to impersonate

-G gw_mac -- MAC address of gateway to impersonate

-s host_ip -- IP address of victim host

-S host_mac MAC address of victim host

-h -- Display this message

-i device -- Device to listen on

-w file -- Write captured data to file

-X -- Dump the packet in hex and ascii

4g8 Example

4g8 -l eth0 -g -G 00:1F:33:DB:81:44 -S 00:19:66:D9:A6:E9 -w capture.pcap

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