Atheros 5007EG with madwifi on i386 platform

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For those, who have an Atheros 5007EG chipset and can't get it working with ndiswrapper, I have this guide from polish ubuntuforum. This is the only solution that worked on my computer (Toshiba SAT-A210-128), and my brothers computer.

This guide only works on i386 platforms, so if you're running an x64 linux, then you've to try again with ndiswrapper or wait for a new solution from atheros and madwifi.

1. Open you terminal

2. Get this version of madwifi:

wget -c

3. Untar the downloaded package:

tar xvf madwifi-ng-r2756+ar5007.tar.gz

4. Get inside the unpacked directory:

cd madwifi-ng-r2756+ar5007

5. If you haven't compiled anything from source before on your linux then you propably need the build essential package:

sudo apt-get update && sudo aptitude install build-essential

6. Now you can build your madwifi and install the modules:

sudo make install
sudo modprobe ath_pci
sudo modprobe wlan_scan_sta

The last 2 commands can cause some complications on some systems. If they do check your System >> Administration >> Restricted Drivers Manager and disable atheros here. Then try again.

7. Now restart your computer and you should be able to see any aviable networks in your Network Manager.

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94 thoughts on “Atheros 5007EG with madwifi on i386 platform

  1. By the way, my wireless card is Atheros AR5006X, in an Acer Aspire 4720 notebook, but I believe it should work as well.

  2. Hi, my first response to this post somehow disappeared. I was saying that I followed the tut step by step, as described, but it didn’t work.

    After step 5, it asked me to put the Ubuntu CD, which I did. Then it returned an error after step 6, in “sudo modprobe wlan_scan_sta”.

    It isn’t working and I would really appreciate further help. I have Wicd installed and it does not detect any wireless net. My card is Atheros AR5006X, but I think it should work with this tutorial as well.

    Please help. Thanks in advance.

  3. hi, your post is very good. But I have problems with the last command:

    $ sudo modprobe wlan_scan_sta

    FATAL: Error inserting wlan_scan_sta (lib/modules/2.6.22-14generic/net/wlan_scan_sta.ko) : Unknow symbol in module, or unknow parameter (see dmesg)

    I hope you can help me.

  4. #3. No this tutorial is for 5007EG only.
    #4. this should not be a problem. Go ahead and restart and check your Network Manager in your Tray next to the clock.
    #5. I’m nobodys hero, but you’re welcome… πŸ˜€

  5. Thank u so much my brother πŸ™‚

    it’s like a magic !!

    i know ur nobodys hero BUT UR MY HERO πŸ™‚

    Thanx again

    Marzoq , Saudi Arabia

  6. Thanks Thanks Thanks
    You are the best !!!!

    simple and direct to the head, I was stumbling around for solutions with ndiswrapper, but this is brilliant.
    Thanks again

    I’m gonna drink a beer in your name

  7. Dear Xodeous :

    Thank You Very much !!!!!!, I installed ubuntu in a Compaq F755LA, and the only thing that is not working beside the webcam is the wifi, I followed your guide step by step, and the wifi is working now.

    One question :

    When I reboot the computer, the wireless doesn’t work until i run the two commands modprobe, How can I do to make these two commands run automatically every time the machine is booted ?

  8. You can add modprobe commands in to the
    This way modules will be loaded automatically after boot.



  9. i have been trying to get this thing to work for freaking ever, i am VERY new to this, im sick of vista so i heard this was the real deal but im starting to disagree…i have a acer 5570z POS computer i instaled the opensuse 10.3

  10. Hi! I have wrestled with this chipset on my laptop before and used the same solution. For those reporting a 5006X, the 5007EG was often misreported as this by Linux. If you have a wired connection, you can update your PCI ID’s (what lspci uses) with the root terminal command:

    update-pciids (put sudo in front for you sudo users)

    for USB devices:


    After updating, it gets reported as

    03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)

    In the US at least, laptops with this chip have an FCC sticker on the bottom reporting an AR5BXB63, which is the FCC ID# for the chip.

    By the way, the patched madwifi driver contains a binary blob from Atheros, which is why it won’t work for 64 bit. The FCC won’t let them open-source it, since they are afraid someone will boost the radio signal beyond legal limits….

  11. >>>>One question :

    When I reboot the computer, the wireless doesn’t work until i run the two commands modprobe, How can I do to make these two commands run automatically every time the machine is booted ?——

    I run a different Debian based distro, so the solution should be the same. You should have a text file: /etc/modules Add the module names to this text file to force loading at boot.

  12. Thanks a lot πŸ™‚

    I was all means to get wireless up on my ACER 4520G
    ndiswrapper was working with Suse 10.3. But was not able to work with Kubuntu 8.04.
    all my previous atempts of installing madwifi would detect ath_pci but would never get ath0.

    Now m really happy that my wifi is working great.

  13. I have Atheros AR5006X Wireless Network Adapter (Compaq Presario C772TU)and Fedora 8.

    I am unable to get my wifi working with ndiswrapper and madwifi.

    Will this method work for my case??

  14. It wont work under opensuse 10.3 (64b) … and neither ndiswrapper does…

    what can i do?

  15. I put the modprobe “sudo modprobe ath_pci and sudo modprobe wlan_scan_sta” commands in the /etc/modules but I still have to run the two commands every time I start the computer. I am running Ubuntu 8.04. Everything else works like a champ though. Any ideas?


  16. Worked fine in a COMPAQ Presario F755LA running Ubuntu 8.04. Not even need to include modules in /etc/modules. Daniel, if it doesnt work for you, just put “ath_pci” and perhaps “wlan_scan_sta” in /etc/modules and not all that sudo modprobe…

  17. Marvelous! I love the the open source software community and their willingness to help each other out. I have been running 7.10 exclusively on my laptop for a few months and just had to try the new ubuntu 8. This was the only thing holding me up.

    THANK YOU. Working beautiful now!

  18. works perfectly with an atheros AR5007 chipset (compaq presario C700)
    thanks a lot for the help πŸ˜‰

  19. Hey Perro,

    I am just being curious… your laptop is 32 bits right? (I have the 64 bits verion of the same laptop (Compaq Presario C700) with the same chipset AR5007 and want to give this method a try, althoug I am almost sure it won’t work).

  20. I also read these instructions elsewhere on the ubuntu forums and got it to work on a HP DV6704nr laptop. I did not run these two commands that are on this page:

    Step 5: “sudo apt-get update ” part
    Step 6: “sudo modprobe wlan_scan_sta”

    I can connect to my wireless network but the problem is that now the laptop cannot suspend/hibernate anymore. When trying to suspend, the black X screen appears and after a few lines of output does nothing and then laptop shuts down instead of suspending.

    How can I fix it now to re-enable suspend/hibernate ?

  21. Read the whole post carefully but feel it will not solve my problem since I have an Asus F5R laptop with an Atheros AR242x PCI adapter.
    With dual boot installed wireless works fine in Windows but cannot find a way of getting it going in Hardy?

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