GUI Program to install ath9k_htc (Atheros Linux Driver)

This tutorial will explain howto install GUI Program to install ath9k_htc.This is the list of supported chip sets.

you can find your usb wireless chipset with the command


if the driver support your chipset, continue.

First you need to download .deb package from here you can install this by double clicking on it

After opening the program for installation the driver from menu -- Applications -- System Tools -- ath9k_htc-install

and follow the instructions to make installing the driver.

* Every time where upgrade kernel, must be run the program.
* It is ??? necessary to connect the internet to run the program.
* The .deb package is tested on Ubuntu 10.04 32bit but logically it can be work in all versions.

Check more information from here

Installation video

Install ath9k_htc -- Ubuntu Lucid

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4 Responses

  1. ActionParsnip says:

    Nice vid. You can press CTRL+L to clear a terminal. Bit faster than typing ‘clear’

  2. vagrale13 says:

    If someone want to test ath9k_htc_installer,
    please test the newer deb.
    More info here

    Thanks. Just for the video write ‘clear’ 🙂

  3. neilg says:

    I installed the latest installer on a machine running Linux Mint9 and it worked without problems. Thanks.

  4. skorpius says:

    Link deleted. please upload

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