Howto Convert a .nrg (Nero) file to a .iso file in Ubuntu

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If you want to convert .nrg file to .iso file you can use nrg2iso tool to create this. nrg2iso is a program that extracts ISO9660 data from Nero ".nrg" CD-ROM image files.

Install nrg2iso in Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install nrg2iso

Using nrg2iso


nrg2iso [nrg-file] [iso-file]


nrg2iso image.nrg image.iso

Now you can burn your iso with your preferred linux burning app.

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33 thoughts on “Howto Convert a .nrg (Nero) file to a .iso file in Ubuntu

  1. nrg2iso is abandoned project and Ubuntu has still old version in repositories (0.4.x), while last one was 1.0.1.
    To compile 1.0.1 you’ll have to add this to endian.h to get rid of error:
    as kernel headers have changed.

    Anyway, it doesn’t convert properly many NRG files (old version creates broken ISO but newer version says that file is ‘Not a Nero image file’).

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