jTimeSched – A simple and lightweight time tracking tool

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jTimeSched is a simple and lightweight time tracking tool. You can track elapsed time for tasks and projects and use the data for the recording of time worked.

One aim of jTimeSched is a lean but extremely intuitive GUI and providing only really necessary functionality.


* Appealing GUI with great usability
* Create as many tasks/projects as you want with one single click
* Tracks elapsed time for a working day and displays overall time
* Times can be set manually
* A task can be started by a single click on start/pause icon
* A task can be deleted by a double click
* Tasks can be categorized by color
* Tasks can be sorted by title, category, date created, time overall, time today or current state
* System tray support
o Hide window on close

o Double click on tray-icon shows/hides window

o Different Tray-icons for running/paused stateo Tray-icon tooltip-message with information about currently running tasks
* Status label with information such as number of tasks, overall/today time of all tasks
* Restore previous window size, position and sorted column on start
* Data and configuration are stored per directory which allows having multiple configurations and running off a USB-Stick

Install jTimeSched in ubuntu 10.04

First you need to make sure you have install java in ubuntu 10.04 from here once you have installed java you need to download jtimesched from here

To start jTimeSched, just double click on the jTimeSched.jar file or run the following command from your terminal

java -jar jTimeSched.jar


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