Keeping Ubuntu CDs available

Some time back we have posted article related to ordering ubuntu 9.10 CD's through shipit and many of our users complained about they are not able to order CDs so now canonical answered the problem.

The ShipIt program has been at the core of the Ubuntu project since its inception. The goal was to make sure that there are no restrictions, as far as was possible, to people having access to Ubuntu. In the last five years we have shipped millions of CDs and seen Ubuntu’s popularity and reach grow in ways that would be impossible without ShipIt.

And that aim continues. We need to make Ubuntu available to as many people who need it, particularly those for whom the download options are limited. The goal has not been to supply a CD to every Ubuntu user of every version of Ubuntu.  Remember, one of the coolest things about Ubuntu is the way you can upgrade from one version of Ubuntu to another – without the need for a CD!

While these CDs are often referred to as “free CDs”, they are of course not free of cost to Canonical.  We want to continue this programme, but Ubuntu’s growth means that some changes are necessary. Therefore we are adjusting how we handle CD requests to try to find the right balance between availability of CDs and the continued viability of the ShipIt programme.

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5 Responses

  1. Yes, okay, it makes sense.

  2. Vipin.K.N says:

    Yes it does make sense , now that people are fed up with vista and everybody migrating to Ubuntu.

  3. Tanjir says:

    They should use local chapters to distribute CDs to lower the cost.

  4. supriya says:

    i want ubuntu cd

  5. Jerasimos N. Mantas says:

    I would like to become an Ubuntu Official CD local distributor for Canonical. I live in Toronto, Canada and am currently trying to distribute from a small handful of Cds that I have on-hand (Ubuntu Original Cds). I push Ubuntu as much as I can, to many types of audiences: family, kids, businesses, NPOs and so on, even for schools wherever possible. I come from a Microsoft background, as an MCP and MCSE for Win2K and WinXP platforms. I jumped ship when Vista came out, for shame and disgust at what trash they had developed. So, I found Ubuntu and that was the end of Microsoft for me, and the beginning of the OpenSource road via Ubuntu, for me. I have never looked back; nor would I care to grovel back to a Microsoft platform (ie: version 7 or anything later).

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