Opera 11 alpha released with extensions support

Because this is an alpha version, it is not feature complete—there are still many more features to come. Use it with caution, ensuring that your current Opera installation and any other important data are backed up before installing this version.

Introducing Opera extensions

Extensions allow you to easily add new functionality to your Opera browser. Developers can create extensions using familiar open standards: HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, along with supported APIs. To learn how to create extensions, have a look at our introduction to Opera extensions.

A selection of add-ons can be chosen from our new extensions catalog. With Opera 11 alpha running, you can install extensions by just clicking on them. A small install window will appear. Click “Install”, and you are done. If you have an extension file stored on your computer, it can also be installed by dragging and dropping it into the Opera window.
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What does an extension look like? Some extensions have user interface elements, but not all do. For example, an extension can add a button next to the Google search field and show a pop-up menu when clicked. Other extensions do not have user interfaces at all but run in the background.

Once installed, managing extensions is a breeze. The extensions management window lets you easily uninstall and disable current extensions. Soon, we will add support for auto-updating extensions so that there are no worries about running old versions.

With the first iteration of Opera extensions, we are focusing on open web standards and “getting it right”. Our alpha release supports injectable JavaScript, callouts, certain UI items and a basic Tabs and Windows API. Stay tuned for some more cool features coming soon.

Download Opera 11 alpha for ubuntu

You can download deb packages from here

You can install this by double clicking on it.

You can install extensions from here

Check more details about opera alpha 11 from here

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