How to install Deadbeef 0.4.2 in ubuntu 10.10/10.04 using PPA

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We have already discussed about deadbeef music player this is latest version of deadbeef.

What is new in deadbeef 0.4.2

* added translation into many languages, see translators.txt (LXDE Project)
* added ability to add custom menu items from plugins (Viktor Semykin)
* new shellexec plugin to execute shell commands with deadbeef title formatting (Viktor Semykin)
* added "Look up at" context menu option (Viktor Semykin)
* merged in DUMB 0.9.3 (mainly to satisfy debian lawyers)
* added samplerate conversion quality option to DUMB plugin
* fixed multichannel WavPack support (David Bryant)
* decode all valid integer bitdepths and float data from WavPack files (David Bryant)
* added MIDI player plugin, using WildMidi
* new MusePack plugin using libmpcdec SV8, with support for multi-chapter files
* new TTA plugin using TTAv1 library, with 8/16/24bit support and gapless
* added support for cover artwork embedded in APEv2 tags (David Bryant)
* added GTKUI option to set status icon volume control sensitivity (gordi-o)
* added support for custom tray icon and icon themes (gordi-o)
* new DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder using libdca from VLC project, plays from .wav, .dts, .cpt files
* added display of multichannel info to statusbar
* fixed reading of bad (unindented) CUE files
* new AAC decoder based on FAAD2 and MP4FF libraries
* new MMS plugin based on libmms, requires FFMPEG plugin to decode WMA content
* new icon by Sofias [email protected]
* new shorten plugin, port of xmms-shn
* new aosdk plugin, plays several PSF derivatives (PSF,PSF2,DSF,QSF,SSF,SPU)
* "stop after current" feature no longer does auto-reset every time
* fixed OSS pause/unpause
* fixed seeking via global hotkeys
* improved global hotkeys plugin APIs and GUI configuration
* added Play/Pause global hotkey
* customizable IPC socket directory via DDB_SOCKET_DIR env variable (by request from Pandora port people)
* switched to GME 0.5.5 (keeping compatibility with 0.5.2)
* added option to hide system tray icon
* added new format conversions to title formatting (see built-in docs in the player)
* added support for displaying current track using bold font
* new playlist can be created by double-clicking or middle-clicking on empty area of tab strip
* added switching between playlists using [Alt +] 1-9 keys
* added option to hide "remove from disk" menu item
* added custom title-formatting for window titlebar and system tray tooltip
* added tooltip to volumbar, displaying current level in dB
* added option to follow symlinks while adding files, in the Open File dialogs
* added option to open/add files in specified named playlist
* fixed multichannel support in libsndfile, vorbis, tta, ffmpeg plugins
* added scrolling to current playing track using Ctrl+J and through menu
* fixed several bugs in mp3 tag parsers
* fixed initial track prebuffering timing bug, playback starts faster now
* fixed file->open in paused state, not resuming paused file anymore
* removed NRG support from cd audio plugin, as it was causing crashes
* improved album cover caching/updating/reloading
* added custom file filters to cover art plugin
* show progress dialog while adding files/folders from commandline
* added option to remember current track / position / state on exit, and resume after restart
* added scrolling support to playlist tabs
* improved Album Artist field support in many file formats
* got rid of STL code in AdPlug and libsidplay2 libraries

Install Deadbeef 0.4.2 in ubuntu 10.10/10.04

Open the terminal and run the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alexey-smirnov/deadbeef
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install deadbeef


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