Software Center 3.0 UI Enhancements for Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat)

UI enhancements planned for Software Center version 3.0

-- Single-pane department screen

-- Hide non-application packages by default

-- History section.

-- "Where is it" feature to reveal the location of newly installed apps

-- Announcing newly-installed applications

-- Dragging installed applications from Ubuntu Software Center to a launcher

-- Add-on packages

-- Add-on media
-- Improved license info

-- Custom package lists.

-- Assimilation of apturl

-- Back and Forward menu items and keyboard equivalents

-- Add PPA/channel support to the installed items view

Planned for Software Center 3.0 but covered (and work items tracked) in separate blueprints:

-- Selling software

-- Discovery of new apps released using the upcoming mechanism for delivering apps post-release

-- Copying installations across computers

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