Stealth Checking Xbox 360 Games With abgx360 and Nautilus

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If you're like me, you've jumped through a million hoops to get abgx360gui working. But you can only get the command line interface working. No problem, we'll create a script for Nautilus to easily launch abgx360 to check your Xbox 360 games.

First off, we need to make sure abgx360 is installed properly.

Unzip the archive
tar -zxvf abgx360-1.0.1.tar.gz

Change to the abgx360 directory
cd abgx360-1.0.1/

Configure the files to prepare installation
./configure && make

Install abgx360 (checkinstall is recommended for Debian/Ubuntu systems)
sudo checkinstall -D

Simply hit Enter when asked about configuring the install. You don't have to change anything.

The normal use for abgx360 is: abgx360 -af3 /path/to/iso

That's great, however I'm sure you would like to automate this command more. So we'll be setting up a Nautilus script to launch abgx360 and stealth check your game nice and quick, without having to type in a command each time.

Nautilus scripts are placed in the following folder (on 9.04 anyway): ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts

So create a new file called "Verify Stealth":
gedit ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/'Verify Stealth'

In the new file, paste the following in and save:
gnome-terminal --window-with-profile=abgx360 -x abgx360 -af3 $1

To ensure we can run the script, let's set the permissions to be able to execute it:
sudo chmod 777 ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/'Verify Stealth'

Now, in order for this script to function properly, we need to make some slight adjustments with gnome-terminal, so go ahead and open it up:

Go to Edit > Profiles > New > call it abgx360 (base it on default, it doesn't matter)

On the General tab, uncheck the box Show menubar by default in new terminals.

Click on the Title and Command tab and change the option: When command exits: to Hold the terminal open.

Now click on the Colors tab. Uncheck Use colors from system theme. Choose #FFFFFF as the text color, and #2E3436 as the background. (#2E3436 is the background color abgx360 uses by default)

Now it's time to test out our script. Use Nautilus to browse to a folder with a Xbox360 iso/image in it.
Right click the image file, and go to Scripts > Verify Stealth.

Assuming everything works for you, abgx360 should launch in gnome-terminal, check the image, and proceed to verify it.

Notes: In gnome-terminal, we removed the menu bar for the abgx360 profile, and also adjusted the colors, so that it fits the default color scheme in abgx360.

If you remember in the source of the Nautilus script, we told gnome-terminal to use the abgx360 profile when using this script.

Also the command in the script tells abgx360 to auto-fix at level 3 (AutoFix if stealth passes but fails verification). You may remove the -af3 option if you want.

That's it, you should be able to check and verify your Xbox360 games now through GUI without having to install the GUI version of abgx360!

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33 Responses

  1. Legendario says:

    What does this abgx360 do?

  2. If you want to run and use abgx360gui first you have to install libwxbase-dev, for ubuntu boxes:

    sudo apt-get install libwxbase2.8-dev

    Then you may compile and install abgx360gui πŸ™‚
    abgx360gui requeries wx-config (it included in libwxbase-dev package)

  3. yulius says:

    Great!!! Very Thaks!!! The abgx360 doesnΒ΄t work in my ubuntu but I test it this afternoon

  4. Blues- says:

    Sweet .. this rocks.
    Thanks for the post.

  5. Dream Coder says:

    Just compile and install abgx360 and install the wxwidgets dev files as mentioned then compile and install abgx360gui then run abgx360gui in a shell 😐 so this article is kind of pointless really… :S talk about going the long way to something that is already working and fine, I have been using this for agesss without any problem 😐

  6. Dream Coder says:

    if you need to ask what this program is for you dont need it πŸ˜‰

  7. Jaymoon says:

    @Dream Coder

    I’ve tried many times before to install abgx360gui and I can’t get it to compile right on my system and run.

    So I figured if I can find a workaround that’s somewhat painless to set up, I’m sure somebody out there would find this useful.

    If it works fine for you, that’s great. To each his own.

  8. nhasian says:

    when i try to compile it in Ubuntu 64bit Karmic Koala Alpha2, i get:

    configure: error: “libcurl not found!”

  9. Dream Coder says:

    install libcurl then

  10. Dream Coder says:

    it wasnt meant as a digg to be honest if you output your compile errors etc maybe i can give you a hand in getting it working πŸ™‚

  11. nhasian says:

    Dream Coder, thats the first thing i tried. went to synaptic package manager and found several different items:

    libcurl3 – Multi-protocol file transfer library (OpenSSL)
    libcurl3-dbg – libcurl compiled with debug symbols
    libcurl3-gnutls – Multi-protocol file transfer library (GnuTLS)
    libcurl4-gnutls-dev – Development files and documentation for libcurl (GnuTLS)
    libcurl4-openssl-dev – Development files and documentation for libcurl (OpenSSL)
    python-pycurl – Python bindings to libcurl
    python-pycurl-dbg – Python bindings to libcurl (debug extension)
    fp-units-net – Free Pascal – networking units
    libcurl-ocaml – OCaml curl bindings
    libcurl-ocaml-dev – OCaml libcurl bindings
    libghc6-curl-dev – GHC 6 libraries for the libcurl Haskell bindings
    libghc6-curl-prof – Profiling libraries for the libcurl Haskell bindings
    libghttp-dev – original GNOME HTTP client library – development kit
    liblua5.1-curl-dev – libcURL development files for the lua language version 5.1
    liblua5.1-curl0 – libcURL bindings for the lua language version 5.1
    libwww-curl-perl – Perl bindings to libcurl
    libwww-dev – The W3C WWW library – development files
    libwww-doc – The W3C WWW library – documentation
    libwww-ssl-dev – The W3C WWW library – development files (SSL support)
    tclcurl – Tcl bindings to libcurl
    wmget – Background download manager in a Window Maker dock app

  12. ernesto says:

    after ./configure && make
    the last line is:

    checking for crc32 in -lz… no
    configure: error: “zlib not found!”

    i’ve installed libwxbase2.8-dev with the same effect.
    Can you help me?

  13. siggismallz says:

    to install gui version:
    sudo apt-get install libwxgtk*
    tar -zxvf abgx360gui-1.0.1.tar.gz
    cd abgx360gui-1.0.1
    ./configure && make
    to start the gui type:

    lol i hope a mod will delete the other two posts which had wrong commands in them =/

  14. Dream Coder says:

    Sorry been busy.


    install zlib1g and zlib1g-dev then try πŸ™‚


    install these as I cant remember which one or ones were needed:


    Along with any other files synaptic says is needed and try that should work fine now πŸ™‚

  15. Dream Coder says:

    Also nhasian why are you running an Alpha version of Ubuntu if you don’t know how to compile programs and install the correct dependencies? maybe you should stick to Stable releases? just a thought, if you are happy with betas thats fine too, testers are always good to have!

  16. nhasian says:

    alpha testing ubuntu+1 doesnt require you to compile your own programs. anyone can do it and report the bugs you find on launchpad. Although I dont claim to be an expert, i know how to compile programs. I already had all the files you suggested installed and it still doesnt compile for me. Maybe its because i’m running 64bit ubuntu

  17. Dream Coder says:

    I am on x64 so it should not be a problem

  18. Dream Coder says:

    Just compiled it on my laptop on jaunty x64 no problem, I dont know if you do figure it out let us know please maybe help someone else

  19. nonzer0 says:

    Hi everyone. I followed this guide and installed the gui version, but it doesn’t work. When I click the Launch button at the bottom to start checking the disk, the check window will go to open and then immediately closes.
    Has anyone had this problem. Been trying to solve this for 4 days now.

  20. Eric says:


    I’m a n00b to Ubuntu, trying to get abgx360gui working. I get this message executing the commands in readme

    checking for C++ compiler default output file name…
    configure: error: C++ compiler cannot create executables
    See `config.log’ for more details.

    Soooo, how/where do I correct this?

  21. nonzer0 says:

    Is there a way to completely uninstall it and reinstall it? I really need some help with this one.

  22. Dream Coder says:

    Eric install build-essential type sudo apt-get install build-essential in a terminal

  23. Dream Coder says:

    nonzer if you used the sudo make install etc route then there is no easy way to uninstall you will have to find all the files and delete them manually.

    On my system abgx360 is installed too usr/local/bin and if you delete the .abgx360 folder in ur home folder also I would have thought you would be good to try again

  24. Dream Coder says:

    just a note thought I dont think you will actually need to delete the .abgx360 folder as it isnt created when the program is compiled, but it is put there manuualy aftr etracting it from the data file you downloaded from the abx360 website

    Side Not: if you have compiled and installed abgx360 make sure you extract the abgx360data file into your home directory if you have extracted it to your desktop then open nautilus and click view hidden files then go onto your desktop and move .abgx360 from there to your home folder.

  25. Malik says:

    thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you helped me alot!!!

    Very good tutorial. Easy and quick

  26. travis says:

    just a note for people like me who dont see the obvious, if you have to add the lib’s then RESTART your computer!! πŸ™‚ thanks otherwise

  27. Rosoiu Ovidiu says:

    Your script will fail if the image name has spaces in it. The $1 variable should be enclosed in double quotes, like so:
    gnome-terminal –window-with-profile=abgx360 -x abgx360 -af3 “$1”

  28. rydar says:

    how do u burn games as a stealth backup in dual layer dvd

  29. Denjero says:


    How can I check the burned DVD?


  30. neoroses says:

    Thank man awsome and simple guide!!!

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