Unity global menubar extension for Firefox and Thunderbird (Coming to ubuntu 11.04)

This extension adds support for the Unity panel based global menubar to Firefox, Thunderbird and other Gecko based applications?


Via planet ubuntu

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5 Responses

  1. Moritz Schmale says:

    But one detail is missing: the removal of the Window-Menubar… But I think you can do this via right-click on a free place and deselect Menubar from that popping up popup 😀

  2. Chris says:

    Looks like OS X. Seriously? Mr. Shuttleworth, bring something new to the table, please.

  3. glowndark says:

    Bring usability to the table plz, be it OSX clone or whatever as long as the code is free for you to do whatever you want, most people use computer to get the job done, remember! all family cars have 4 and a steering wheel, if you can ride a honda, you can ride a ford,too. In terms of usability, that’s a huge help, dont you think?

  4. Chris says:

    I’m not against usability but I think we need to try new designs and see if anything else works better. By using this, you’re saving a few pixels worth of screen space. That may help on a netbook but so many people have large monitors now that’s its a mute point.

    Good analogy by the way. I like that.

  5. Farook says:

    I do agree with @glowndark, yes as long as the code and software is free it’s fine.I start use the ubuntu from the release 9.xx yes! I’m very new with this and I know nothing much the most time of me is searching from the internet for how to do thing on my ubuntu and I really love this now even I use window 7 because in something I can’t use the program in Ubuntu to work for me but the most I use is ubuntu and I try to tell my another Thai friend here to use the open source.I know that I can’t change any one from thing that they use to but I’ll try any way.I love to change my ubuntu to look like Mac I don’t need to use Mac any way I just love the way it’s look and if I can change the theme on the ubuntu 11.4 for Mac look I will do it too..I always install Global menu in every time I reinstall Ubuntu and it will be very cool if FireFox and Chromium will support Global menu so as Virtual box still not support Global menu..I just wanna share it too..
    Thank you..

    Farook Phuket,Thailand

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