Unity Tip:Change Unity Launcher Configuration settings

How do you access preferences for changing size of the launcher bar or icon size, etc?


Make sure you have the CompizConfig Settings Manager, which manages the settings for the plugins of the window manager including the Unity UI, installed:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Then run it from Preferences and find the Unity plugin, Choose ‘Experimental' tab.

Adjust the value of ‘Launcher Icon Size' by simple scrolling. The default value of ‘Launcher Icon Size' is 48, try to set the value around 40

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6 Responses

  1. Mohan says:

    You can access the unity setting without CCSM, by typing in about:config in the run dialog (Alt+F2).

  2. Shyam says:

    Mohan, actually you do need CCSM. If you run about:config, infact it opens up unity plugin on CCSM.

  3. Cushie says:

    CCSM changes the icon size on the desktop launcher.
    Where can you change the icon size on the ‘shortcut’ page, they are the very large ones?

  4. naren8642 says:

    So… why is it that there is a feature of the desktop that has a config tool… but the tool is not included by default?? Lame!

  5. Evan says:

    Nope, doesn’t work for my Unity install which came with Ubuntu 12.0.4

  6. uneex says:

    agreeeee with you..
    see “stablauncher” for windows for reference , the best launcher ever

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