WL-creator – Creates Linux desktop launchers for Windows programs

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WLCreator is a Python program (script) that creates Linux desktop launchers for Windows programs (using Wine). The program does the following tasks:

Find/extract ico files (using icoutils)
Convert ico files to png files (using icoutils)
Present the user with graphical interface, where he/she can choose the icon for launcher, and
Create desktop launcher


WLCreator will try to extract icons from exe file, and to search for all ico files in exe's directory and its subdirectories, and to convert them to png files. Additionaly, it will search for png files in application's main directory. After that, the user is presented with a graphical interface where he/she can choose the icon and launcher's name. A few options are also available:

Toplevel application path -- path to search for program's icon

(Windows games often have their executable in some subdirectory under the main game directory -- usually you should choose main game directory for icon search)

Path for launcher creation (default is ~/Desktop/)

(a copy of launcher is also created in ~/.local/share/applications/wlcreator/)

Path for icon (default is ~/.local/share/icons/wlcreator/)
Wine command for launching (default is wine)
Path for wine configuration directory (default is ~/.wine)

Options are saved in ~/.config/wlcreator/ directory.

WLCreator uses wrestool (icoutils) to extract icons from exe files, and icotool (icoutils) to convert ico files to png files. It uses Qt framework and PyQt bindings for Python, and also some bash commands.

Sometimes wrestool cannot extract icons, and this is the situation where icon extraction/finding must be done separately by the user. When ico/png file is obtained, just put it alongside exe file and start wlcreator.

Also, icotool sometimes cannot extract png from ico, and in this situation, easy solution is to open ico file with GIMP, and save as png (for this, wlcreator will save all extracted ico files in exe's directory).

Install WL-creator in ubuntu

Download .deb package from here and once you have deb package you need to double click on it to install.




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  1. Lee Jin Ju says:

    any plans of making a pkgbuild of this package to install in arch linux and its derivates?

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