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  1. H9 says:

    i use evolution with my hotmail accounts,hotmail has POP service enabled for all countries now
    for recieving:
    for sending:
    nothing extra to do

  2. Merovius says:

    Same here. Been this way for about a month were I am.

  3. Kenji says:

    Ubuntu_user@K:~$ sudo telnet localhost 110
    Trying ::1…
    telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

    what’s going on? What should I do? And Evolution won’t send Hotmail mails T__T

  4. Nats says:

    my computer does not recognize the package ‘hotway’ tried many times, what do i do?

  5. Manni Bunti says:

    The much easier way is to use your live account by setting the following in your email client (with me it’s evolution):

    Receiving mail:
    security: SSL encryption
    authentication: password

    Sending mail:
    server: (that is through port 587)
    security: TLS encryption
    authentication: PLAIN (username: )

  6. David Mott says:

    While I know this was posted almost a year ago I just wanted to thank Manni Bunti for his post. It made setting up my Evolution for Hotmail possible.
    Thank you Manni!

  7. mafredd03 says:

    It worked great, thanks for the information, it was a lot of help!!! 🙂

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