How to Create new virtual machine in Virtualbox

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We have already discussed about how to install virtualbox 2.0.2 in ubuntu hardy .Now we will see how to create a new virtual machine in virtualbox.

After open the virtualbox you need to click on New to create new virtual machine.

Now you should see similar to the following screen click next

Select VMname and OS Type and click next

Select the memory for your VM

Here you need to create the Virtual hard disk details click on new

New virtual disk screen click on next

Here you can select how do you want to craete your hard disk and click next

Enter virtual disk location and size click next

Virtualdisk summary details click Finish

After selecting Virtualdisk click on next

Virtual machine Summary details click on finish

After creating virtual machine you should see similar to the following screen

Virtual machine settings screen as follows

Virtualbox Version details

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7 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    Make sure to check out ‘seamless’ mode if your OS/client handles it. It’s much nicer to have it mixed with native windows so you can use your native client tools at the same time.

  2. alex says:

    three things you HAVE to enable to virtualize a 64 bit os. (assuming your machine has 64 bit hardware and os)
    1. enable IO APIC (settings ((control-s))>general tab>advanced)
    2. enable VT-x/AMD-V (settings ((control-s))>general tab>advanced)
    3. use one of the Intel Ethernet adapters (the pc-net drivers are 32bit only, causing the virtualized system to not boot)
    without these things (which are all backwards by default) a 64 bit os just wont work. im running winxp 64 just fine with these settings.

  3. Yonatan says:

    could you provide a detailed HOWTO (including example) for configuring “Host Interface” network type ?

  4. Well, nice tutorial! I messed up everything when I tried it for the first time long ago. Good for newbies.

  5. Richard says:

    Will I be able to run Microsoft Flight Simulator using virtualbox on 64bit Hardy os?

  6. Saikat Sarkar says:

    If I create a virtual box in 64bit system.
    Will the same would run in 32bit operating system?

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