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Ubuntu restricted extras offline installer is a cool script that installs ubuntu-restricted-extras even on computers with no internet.

Note: this installer also includes libdvdcss (required to play most commercial DVDs) .This script only works on Ubuntu 8.10

Script includes the following programs

  • Adobe Flash player
  • Java Runtime Environment
  • Various additional multimedia codecs (including MP3)
  • Support for playing DVD-movies (codecs + CSS decrypter)
  • Microsoft TrueType core fonts
  • unrar

Download Ubuntu restricted extras offline installer

For Ubuntu 8.10 users Download this script from here

For Ubuntu 9.04 Users Download this script from here

For Ubuntu 9.10 Users Download this script from here

Installation Instructions

  • Download and unpack/extract
  • Double-click the file "install.sh" on folder "offline-installer"
  • Select "run in terminal"
  • Enter your password if the installer asks you
  • Acept Java license when that appears
  • When program finishes, close the window and remove the folder "offline-installer"


Install VLC Media player offline in Ubuntu 8.10/9.04/9.10

First you need to download VLC offline installer from here

INstall instructions same as above

Thanks to Hackt0live.org for this script.

Download VLC Offline installer for Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) Users from here

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35 Comments to “How to Install Multimedia Codecs,Adobe Flash,JRE,VLC Media Player without Internet connection (Offline) in Ubuntu 9.10/9.04/8.10”

  1. Kaixi says:

    Will a similar package be available for Jaunty?


  2. Buffy says:

    But, how do you install Multimedia Codecs, Adobe Flash,JRE,VLC Media Player without Internet connection (Offline) in Ubuntu 8.04 ????

    We’ll be using the long-term release for quite a while yet.


  3. Indian says:

    Is all the packages mentioned here are free?


  4. karlzt says:

    Will a similar package be available for Jaunty?


  5. woet says:

    since I used the offline installer, Firefox shows no text at all, just images. Could not check wether videos are o.k., cant find em, without text.


  6. woet says:

    I was redoing the script and now miracoulously all works as advertised. dont know why.


  7. woet says:

    better redoe offline_installer script after an autoupdate of ghostscript (or any other package dealing with typefaces) or you might stay without any text in firefox (or most other mozilla based browsers).
    I need tu run VLC script before the codec script because….(please read line 1)


  8. woet says:

    With the help of the nice people from hacktolive.org I fionally found what plagued me for 2 weeks. The msttcorefonts_2.5 package in the offline_installer/packages directory seems to be defective. Replacing it with the same package through synaptic.


  9. sundar_ima says:

    For ubuntu 9.04 jaunty jacklalpe download from this link http://rapidshare.com/files/226569752/Ubuntu_Restricted__Extras_9.04_Offline_Installer.tar.gz read the “read me” file before installing. this package also included libdvdcss…


  10. hacktolive says:

    The “official” offline installers for Ubuntu 9.04 are now here:


  11. sundar_ima says:

    there is also debian package available from here http://rapidshare.com/files/229539080/ubuntu_restricted_extras_31.deb


  12. Miguel says:

    thanks i was looking for this


  13. Edson Byamukama says:

    I don’t understand. Do you mean that someone has to install other software while on internet. That is why Linux may not beat MS in the near future here in Africa where you have to wait for 2 hours to download a 20mb file from the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. lejaj says:

    hey guys!
    i wanted to install a VLC codec into my desktop computer my OS is Obuntu 8.04. so can you help me on how to install. i am defeated bana.


  15. Ian says:

    Installed vlc and restricted offline installer and now gstreamer 0.10 ffmpeg and vlc are listed as broken packages. Also now no other sound & video programs e.g. Rhythmbox or Brasero will load. Is there any easy way to fix this without internet


  16. ubuntu user says:

    For ubuntu 9.10 use following package:-
    ubuntu restricted extras offline installer for ubuntu 9.10. Here is the link to download package http://rapidshare.com/files/305466861/VLC_Offline_Installer_ubuntu_9.10.tar.gz


  17. ubuntu user says says:

    here is the link for ubuntu restricted extras offline installer for ubuntu 9.10 (karmic)


  18. kudjomensah says:

    Man! you are a life saver.
    God bless u!


  19. Ubuntu noob says:

    hey guys~
    I can’t seem to download from rapidshare.com its states i must be a premium user… any other free site like mediafire/4shared.com??? I’ve just installed ubuntu 9.10 on my pc and we currently dont have an internet. thanks in advance =]


  20. Hariharan says:

    Superb man….. u r gr8 :)


  21. stud says:

    i have a problem with connecting my ubuntu9.10 to internet,so any solutions are invited freely..


  22. MStar says:

    the file for 9.10 could also be downloaded from Media Fire http://www.mediafire.com/?znxnzyxzzyj


  23. Dhruv Patel says:

    How can I install the VLC in UBUNTU 9.04???



  24. Ubuntu User says:

    Ubuntu restricted extras offline Installer for ubuntu 10.04 has arrived and can be downloaded from this link

    for installing VLC on ubuntu 10.04 download VLC offline installer from here


  25. ki4ma says:

    Packets are for ubuntu 09.10, it makes broken dependencies.


  26. thrvers says:

    Anyone can make resumeable for ubuntu-restricted-extras 10.04
    like mediafire.



  27. Bruce says:

    THANX FOT THIS POST BUT NOW IM LOOKING FOR Download Ubuntu restricted extras offline installer FOR 10.10



  28. BRUCE says:

    what about UBUNTU 10.10 WE NEED TO Download Ubuntu restricted extras offline installer FOR UBUNTU 10.10 HELP US


  29. Ubuntu User says:

    Here is the ubuntu restricted extras offline installer for ubuntu 10.04. Hopefully it helps some one in need…


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