Howto Install Picasa 3.5 in ubuntu

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Picasa is a software application for organizing and editing digital photos, originally created by Idealab and owned by Google since 2004."Picasa" is a blend of the name of Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, the phrase mi casa for "my house" and "pic" for pictures (personalized art).

Picasa 3.5 Features

* Facial recognition
* Geo-tagging
* Better text tool
* Awesome Tagging tools
* Photo importing improvements

Install Picasa 3.5 in ubuntu

First you need to make sure You have Picasa 3.0 already installed, as well as WINE.

You can either grab a .deb of 3.0 from here

Install .deb package using the following command

sudo dpkg -i picasa_3.0-current_i386.deb

or add the Google testing repository to /etc/apt/sources.list file

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

Add the following line

deb testing non-free

Save and exit

Update the source list using the following command

sudo apt-get update

Install picasa using the following command

sudo apt-get install picasa

First you need to install wine using the following command

sudo apt-get install wine

Now you need to download picasa 3.5 from windows from here

Once downloaded .exe file install this by double clicking on this.

Now you need to copy installed picasa 3.5 from

/home/YOUR_USER_NAME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Google/Picasa3


/opt/google/picasa/3.0/wine/drive_c/Program Files/Google/Picasa3

Use the following command to copy or use nautilus

su cp -r /home/YOUR_USER_NAME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Google/Picasa3
/opt/google/picasa/3.0/wine/drive_c/Program Files/Google/Picasa3

Once done, You can open Picasa 3.5 from your Applications > Graphics > Picasa

Source from here

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48 Responses

  1. Garrick says:

    I don’t see why you would install 3.5 using Wine, when 3.X installs just fine from the Google repositories. I don’t think the few feature upgrades are really worth running windows binaries on my machine.

  2. Spud says:

    The “linux binaries” are windows binaries using wine. This article forgets to mention that you need “linux” 3.x installed from google first.

  3. d0od says:

    @ Spud

    I wrote the original article that this is referencing and it’s make it clear that you need Picasa 3.0 Linux installed.

  4. emike says:

    Why do you need to move the installation from the default to opt? I have found that it works just fine on 9.04 without the move. Is it simply to get the application to show up in the graphics menu versus the wine menu area? Thanks for the article and your answer.

  5. admin says:

    Sorry guys i have updated the main article

  6. Mark_in_Hollywood says:

    Once downloaded .exe file install this by double clicking on this.

    Do you mean: Once the file is downloaded, install it by double clicking on the .exe?

    Any my Wine Installer offers to install it. Is that a better way than doing to copy?

  7. admin says:

    Do you mean: Once the file is downloaded, install it by double clicking on the .exe?


    Any my Wine Installer offers to install it. Is that a better way than doing to copy?

    In my openion yes

  8. mulk says:

    Works perfect, thank you very much!!

  9. places problem says:

    Everything worked fine (the face recognition function) until I pressed the ‘Places’ button to use the location tool, then it’s stopped working. It freezed. I killed the process and restarted picasa but instantly freezes. I’m not able to use it. Anyone had such problem?
    I use ubuntu hardy.

  10. me too says:

    @places: I had the same problem with pressing ‘Places’. I went back to 3.0. Anyone solved the problem?

  11. places problem says:

    @places: I tried to resolve the problem by deleting the
    ‘/opt/google/picasa/3.0/wine/drive_c/Program Files/Google/Picasa3’ folder and copying again from the .wine folder but this didn’t resolved the problem.
    I also tried this with the entire picasa database under ‘~/.google/picasa/3.0/drive_c/Documents and Settings//Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Picasa2/db3’ with no luck 🙁

  12. Gewitty says:

    Got it installed and working, but with two problems:

    When I click the Geotag button, Picasa asks me to install Google Earth. I already have this installed but Picasa doesn’t seem to recognise it.

    When I click the ‘Places’ button (bottom right corner) the application locks up. I have to force Picasa to quit, but when I restart it, it just resumes trying to load a map and freezes again.

    Any ideas?

  13. Gewitty says:

    My guess is that this issue is related to the ongoing problem that a lot of people have reported when trying to load Google Maps in a browser. I have had to give up and now use the Bing/Live Search maps instead, since Google maps just never seem to load.

    The problem with Picasa Places is almost certainly caused by the same bug.

  14. me too says:

    I don’t think it has anything to do with Google Maps, I use it without any problem.

  15. krul says:

    I have exactly the same problem when pressing ‘Places’.

    It seems this trick is not fully working, I go back to 3.0 as the application instantly freezes now after startup.

    Why is Google ignoring this time the Linux users!

  16. Gewitty says:

    Before I (and others) revert to version 3.0, does anyone know where Picasa keeps its ‘state’ information? There must be a record written every time the program is closed, which remembers what Picasa was doing when it ended. This seems to be read at start-up and used to open Picasa in the state it was in when it closed. If this information can be deleted or modified, then it should be possible to open Picasa in its default state, i.e. with the Faces button selected.

  17. Rick says:

    Problem when pressing “Places” workaround:

    To stop Picasa from hanging on startup:

    pkill Picasa3.exe

    Edit ~/.google/picasa/3.0/user.reg

    Find the line:

    Replace it with:

    Restart Picasa.

    Don’t click “Places” anymore!

  18. places problem says:

    @Rick: I tried it, it works!
    Many thanks Rick!

  19. mhenriday says:

    Everything works fine – installation of Wine from Synaptic, downloading of the Picasa .exe file, but when I double-click the latter in the FF download manager, I get a message telling me that the link needs to be opened with a programme, and the only Wine programme I can find when I browse is «wine_date_and_time.cpp», which doesn’t cut the mustard. Wine does seem to have been installed properly ; I can see /home/[user name]/.wine/drive_c/Program Files, but no /Google/Picasa3 thereunder. Any suggestions as to how can I get the Picasa .exe file to install under Wine ?…


  20. Jimmy says:


    Thank you sir! I had the same problem as “places problem” and your workaround did the trick.

  21. Beau says:

    @Rick thanks for the fix on the Places tab

  22. Rubax says:

    Yes, the places fix solves the problem of Picasa freezing, but it doesn’t solve the important issue of being able to use the places sidepanel with Google Maps to do geo-tagging. Any ideas of how to get this to work?

  23. Dominik says:

    Any news on the places problem?

  24. Gewitty says:

    Has anyone ideas about the fact that Picasa doesn’t recognise the fact that Google Earth is already installed on a system? I assume this is because Picasa runs under WINE and Google Earth is a straight Linux install. There must be a way to let Picasa know that it’s there though?

  25. ben2talk says:

    All the more reason to keep an eye on Spot (F-Spot photo manager) in upcoming releases…

    Perhaps with Windows 7 release, Google are joining the crowd in assuming there’s no reason not to use it if you don’t want a Mac.

  26. Peter says:

    Thanks for the places work around – it was driving me mad!

  27. MrRickle says:

    Work around works for me too, but we still need fix. (or face recognition in F-Spot)

  28. John says:

    I do not see the advantage of having 3.5 replicated in the /opt/ folder. It takes up twice as much space this way. Will Picasa 3.5 (windows) not run under wine without installing Picasa 3.0 (linux) first?

  29. Metheorn says:

    I’ve been using 3.5 for a while.
    I’ve installed yesterday 3.6 but it don’t get my album, tag, that i use in 3.5 …
    How could i recover it (don’t use the same files ?) ?

  30. Rio Swarawan says:

    hehhehe…. it works! thxx!!!

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