Lyricue – The GNU Lyric disply system

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Lyricue is free and open-source application that is used to edit/display song lyrics and passages of text along with images and videos on a second screen/projector.  It was designed for use at live events such as church services, concerts and seminars.
Lyricue Features

* Web interface available -- Precue
* OpenGL accelerated server using Clutter
* Use any image or video for backgrounds
* Display text over live video from webcam
* Runs in English, German, French, Dutch or Swedish
* Multiple Playlists
* All songs kept in a database and so screens are dynamically generated, allowing you to easily change the backdrop, font etc without having to change all the songs
* Can automatically create screens for bible verses
* Quick searching for songs
* Searching by song name or the lyrics themselves
* Playlist shown as collapsable tree so easy to find wanted page
* Add/Edit/Remove Songs (even while they are being displayed)
* Preview a song as you enter it
* Networkable (ie run interface and server on different machines)
* Duplicate/Delete individual pages in playlist
* Drag'n'Drop playlist adding
* User access controls
* User-specific configuration/images (or can all refer to global one)
* Re-orderable playlist
* Honourize a song (change ‘jesus' to ‘Jesus' etc)
* Graphical error reporting
* Spellchecking
* Preferences Dialog
* Change Font/Colours of server
* Can run at configurable resolution
* Playlist entries to change background
* Automatic Page advance
* Copyright info for songs
* Can add images/videos to playlist
* Scrolling on-screen display for short messages

Install Lyricue in ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo apt-get install lyricue

If you want latest version you can install from this PPA


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