update-pciids & update-usbids – Download a newer version of the PCI and USB ID’s list

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If you want to download new version of PCI and USB ID's List use the following command

update-pciids -- download new version of the PCI ID list

update-usbids -- download new version of the USB ID list

You need to type the following commands in terminal

For PCI ID List


For USB ID List


This will download a newer version of the PCI and USB ID list and give you better output on your recognized hardware. This is particularly helpful for those of you that do work with drivers after this try to see if your recognized hardware will be compatible with native drivers or not.

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1 Response

  1. Richard says:

    Sorry to report this HOWEVER

    Under Ubuntu 20.04 said command “update-usbids”
    reports “update-usbids: command not found”

    Any Ideas??????


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