Wondershaper – Simple traffic shaping Tool

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wondershaper is a traffic shaping script that provides low latency,prioritizes bulk transfers below normal web traffic, prioritizes interactive shells above normal web traffic, and attempts to prevent upload and download traffic from affecting each other's ack packets.Put simply, the wondershaper makes your internet connection more "responsive"

Install wondershape on ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo apt-get install wondershaper

Wondershaper syntax

Shows the status of traffic shaping on that interface.

wondershaper [interface]


sudo wondershaper eth0 1000 500

Removes all traffic shaping from that interface.

wondershaper clear [interface]


sudo wondershaper clear eth0

Configures the wondershaper on the specified interface, given the specified downlink speed in kilobits per second, and the specified uplink speed in kilobits per second.

wondershaper [interface] [downlink] [uplink]


sudo wondershaper wlan0 512 128

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1 Response

  1. Greg Ramey says:

    You can also use Wondershaper on network bridge interface.

    One thing of note, though, if you mistype the clear command as
    sudo wondershaper eth0 clear
    you will still get a response saying that the interface is cleared, even when it isn’t.

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